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Daily Trasportation from Hydra to Metochi


If you have your own car or even if you have rent one you can come easy from Athens in
approximate 2 hours and 45 minutes. Through the National Road Athens – Korinthos follow
the exit of Epidavros. Then make left and keep going for 30 minutes , you are going to see
signs of Ydra, Poros , Spetses, follow them making right and left under the bridge. You have
two choices the road that goes from Galata and the other one that goes from Ermioni.

If you choose Galatas way in 25 minutes you are going to be in Galatas town and in 30
minutes from there you are going to be in Metochi.

If you choose Ermionis way in 40 minutes you will found a road sign ( Ermioni – Kranidi –
Porto Cheli )there you have to follow Ermionis way and in the next sign that says Ermioni -
Thermisia you have to follow the sign of Thermisia, from there in 15 minutes you are going
to be in Metochi.